Case Study – Targeting International IT

Case Study – Targeting International IT


The client’s SaaS product was fairly new in the market and was providing a state-of-the-art visual recognition technology. The solution was meant to create business advantages for clients through the analysis of millions of images and videos.
They used numerous pre-trained models which can fine tune and customize data as per need. The models were developed in a manner that allowed them continuous learning with incoming new data. And on top of that, they used the cutting-edge deep learning technology to get the job done.
The technology could be used in facial recognition, image and color search, auto-tagging, content moderation and even in video analytics.


Since the product was new & complex, the company found it challenging to reach out to potential clients and the founders in general lacked hard-core marketing expertise. They had created a cool product but were on the look-out for a potential partner who could help with marketing outreach. Our team at Bizamps understood the challenge and took up the project to collect leads from all across the world.

Solution Offered:

Our primary strategy was -

• Cold emails

• LinkedIn Outreach

• Cold Calls

Initially, we briefed our content team about the utility of the product and how it has the potential to solve the client’s problem. With this step, our content strategists started curating the content as per the need of the product.

Thereafter, we started collecting data with our internal data team and also enriched with looks like Sales.Rocks and Findthatlead. Plus, we used LinkedIn to gather on potential customers in the international arena. We started forming connections on LinkedIn from the client’s profile.

Starting off, we were making initial weekly outreach to about 1000 leads through email, LinkedIn and email. Our initial attempt at targeting leads from USA did not generate much success. After this, we started targeting potential clients in Middle-east and Europe with fair amount of success. Simultaneously, we also stared retargeting ads to a familiar audience.
By the 4th month, we started by targeting lower designations like designers, developers and engineers from big MNCs. And we received a good response with the doubling of our lead response.


• We generated more than 20+ leads in a month.

• Our efforts got the client 8+ demos from potential clients monthly..

Key Learnings:

• Our focus on top designations like CEOs, CXOs, CTOs & CPOs did not garner the expected results. Most of results came by focusing on lower-level titles in big MNCs. This made us believe that there are enough potential to get business even from slightly junior employees in large MNCs.

• Our emails initially did not make the initial impact. However, with a simple change in the subject line we were able to turn around the response from the targeted audience. This strengthened our belief in writing clear and articulate headlines that made all the difference.

• Even though cold calling worked, it performed better in Europe than in North America. This made us understand that perhaps such a technology has more potential in Europe than North America.

In the words of the client:

“Overall good and decent experience with BizAmps Team, BizAmps Marketing Model easy for us to experiment with outbound outreach. and probably come back to you guys again for outbound outreach. LinkedIn Outreach works well for us. BizAmps Pricing is a little expensive. But Opted for it because of the way Akshat has present himself in the videos and liked the content on the website and Youtube. Surely recommend! you when someone wants to experiment with outbound marketing for their business.”

Akshat Kharbanda
Struggled with B2B leadgen for 3.5 years. Took 1.5 years to perfect a system that throws out hot leads at the end.
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