Case Study – Indian Institutes

Case Study – Indian Institutes


The client had a cloud-based digital library that integrates institute subscriptions, open access content, library holdings, academic and skill-oriented courses on an “easy to find” platform enhancing the impact of libraries and classroom teaching.
This was the library of the future where users are allowed to freedom to access the library from both desktop and mobile devices. The platform catered to more than 400 national and international publishers with 50,000 journals and 3 million+ e-books covering a wide range of subject areas including Arts, Sciences, Management, Engineering and Law.


Although digital libraries are known across all academic circles. The team at Knimbus found it challenging to market their product to both an Indian and international audience. The Knimbus team reached out to BizAmps to get more traction, better marketing and more leads for their product.

Solution Offered:

Our primary strategy was -

• Cold emails

• LinkedIn Outreach

• Cold Calls

We started off with the target list which the client provided us. Along with this, we collected data from various data enrichment tools for an international audience. Our content team was thoroughly briefed about the product and were given clear ideas on how to approach and position the product.

We began by establishing connections with the client’s LinkedIn profile. Our weekly outreach on LinkedIn, email, and calling exceeded 1,000 leads. In the first six months, we only targeted leads on LinkedIn and Email.

But in the subsequent 6 months we ventured into the Middle-east and got good responses. Our cold calling started in the 4th month after the email and LinkedIn outreach. Simultaneously, we started showing prospects ads on Facebook, Google and other Apps.


• We were successful in generating more than 40+ leads in a month.

• We achieved the target number of 20+ demos per month.

Key Learnings:

• We initially directed the traffic to the client’s website. Soon we realized that the client’s website was not optimized generating ads at that point of time and we had to abandon that strategy. Our conviction in understanding the client’s side of things was enhanced after this incident.

• We relegated cold-calling to be the last priority in our campaign. But surprisingly, it got us the maximum number of leads. From then on, we have not been biased to any type of marketing campaign without evidence to the contrary.

Akshat Kharbanda
Struggled with B2B leadgen for 3.5 years. Took 1.5 years to perfect a system that throws out hot leads at the end.
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