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‘We setup B2B outbound marketing systems that generate sales leads within 90 days or we work for free’


We want 200 qualified B2B Leads/month

Who is it for: Companies who already have a sales team who want to assure results fast.

1) Prove a model where one low-cost human resource generates 5-20 leads/month easily.
2) Scaling that lead generation team.

Why it works: 80% of the workflow is templatized & automated. Human Resources just have to do personalizations for higher response rates.
+ India has English speaking low-cost human resources.

Timeline: 3 months for Proof of concept and 3 months after that for scaling the team by hiring and training.

Monthly Price: From $1299 to $2499 based on market difficulty.

Why BizAmps: Ran such Proof-of-concept campaign 10+ times.

Channels: Email Outreach, LinkedIn Outreach, Tele-sales.
Sales CRM

We want to get into big must-have named accounts

Who is it for: Companies selling $100,000+ deals and the key focus is account engagement + opportunity rate rather than only the number of leads.

1) Whole marketing campaign targeted towards a single account or a cluster of 5 similar accounts
2) Research + personalization drive results from even non-performing channels.

Why it works: When we narrow our focus to the point of a laser then better & creative ideas come.

Timeline: 3 months for Proof of concept and 3 months after that for scaling number of accounts.

Monthly Price: From $1499 to $2499 based on goals.

Why BizAmps: Sufficient knowledge for each channel and personalization to execute the campaign right.

Channels: Usually LinkedIn & Display Ads + BoFu Content + Outreach + Direct mail + Misc.
Bizamps Client Acquisition Setup

We want instant scalablity & automated marketing

Who is it for: You are competing with Silicon valley Self-serve B2B SaaS companies targeting micro as well as large businesses.

1) Identify accounts automatically based on buying signals.
2) Personalize website, outreach, ads on autopilot.

Why it works: When we narrow our focus to the point of a laser then better & creative ideas come.

Timeline: 6 months for Proof of concept and 3 months after that for scaling.

Price: Contact Akshat.

Why BizAmps: This is an experimental system that needs tweaks and focus. We understand it.

Channels: Intent Signals + AI Personalization + Chatbots + Marketing Automation.
Predicting leads value

We just need some leads predicatably in our inbox

Who is it for: Startups and bootstrapping companies.

1) Automated emails and LinkedIn messages with new-age copywriting and BizAmps Secrets.
2) Generate leads from affordable sources like FB Lead Ads (If applicable).

Why it works: Usually, 3% of any market is always looking to buy.

Timeline: 45 days to start generating leads or we work for free.

Monthly Price: From $1299+ based on goals.

Why BizAmps: Done this ever since we re-branded in 2017.

Channels: Email Outreach or LinkedIn Outreach or Tele-sales.
Client outreach for b2b leads

Paid Consultation with Akshat

  • Who is it for: Consultants/ Agencies / Founders
  • Price: From $1/min
CEO-akshat kharbanda


Lead Generation Experts

No generalists here.

Revenue Focused

Growing your top-line. Setting systems for life

Conor Rath

I got on a call with Akshat not knowing what to expect to get a 3rd opinion on my campaigns I was running (as I do with all my large campaigns).
He quickly was able to add alot of value with some great actionable advice. His breadth of experience in digital marketing really shined through. He is a truly well versed digital strategist.

As a fellow digital marketer based in Australia I highly recommend Akshat.

Strategic Marketer


Gautam Sampathkumar

Great work!
Very entrepreneurial and diligent in his approach.
Broad knowledge of various pieces of the Digital Ecosystem.
Would love to work with them again.

Crypto Entrepreneur | Advisor: Datalaab & The Kode Network

BizAmps Basic sequence pattern

BizAmps Basic Sequance

why b2b marketing is easy?

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CEO-Akshat kharbanda

Akshat Kharbanda

CEO & B2B Expert

BizAmps is B2B marketing agency based out of India. The team is spread across Delhi NCR, Chandigarh & Mumbai