Targeting Investors for Crowd Funding Campaigns in UK

B2B Enterprise Crowdfunding Case Study 

About The Client:

Our client offers a secure and real-time communication solution. It enables doctors, nurses and the wider team in UK to communicate and collaborate more effectively, accelerating productivity, reducing costs, and improving patient outcomes.


The client wanted to raise capital for their project through crowdfunding  campaigns in UK. The client had already generated 30-40% of their crowdfunding target but faced problems in acquiring rest of the leads


Investors in United Kingdom.


Cold Emails + LinkedIn
Here is the complete process overview of our successful crowdfunding campaign.

Process Overview:

1. We collected the data from different sources like LinkedIn and various data  enrichment tools. 
2. Established connections with the targets on LinkedIn using the automated tool  from the Client’s profile. 
3. Our team reached out to Tech based investors in UK by sending them invites.  A donation link was sent to them along with the description of client’s service. 
4. The campaign was then extended to the other non-tech based investors in UK and rest of the Europe.


• The client was able to get 150 investors on board with them. 
• They were able to raise 150% of their crowdfunding target i.e. 100 thousand pounds more than the set target.

Key Bottlenecks:

•Starting LinkedIn earlier would have helped us get faster responses. 
•Since the investors were unresponsive towards cold Emails and Facebook  Ads, it did not give us the response we expected.

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